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Strategic Consulting

Members of the Cedar team have had experience in the medical products, consumer goods, food, materials and energy sectors having had prior experience at Hill Rom (a division of Hillenbrand Industries), Nutra-Sweet Company, Hunt–Wesson, Cargill Corporation, BP Amoco and Dow Corning.

Market strategy can consist of the following:

  • Idea Generation
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Technology Assessment
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Development

This Marketing consulting area is headed up by Ken Fox whose experience includes market and technology assessments, product positioning, and risk analysis, licensing, product development, competitive analysis, regulatory review,

Mr. Fox has experience in new product development, technology transfer and commercialization, and has expertise in Class I, II and III medical devices, pharmaceuticals, OTC and consumer products.

Cedar Ventures has a strategic relationship with a life science venture fund and consulting group that has extensive experience in the technology commercialization process.

Cedar’s Consulting Practice has a special focus on Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Our capabilities for ASCs include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans/Financial projections
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Program
  • Bill Review/Revenue Cycle Management
  • Third party contracting/ Market Strategy
  • Physician syndication and transaction experience:
    • mergers/acquisition
    • sourcing investor partners

Cedar Ventures has a strategic relationship with surgery center consulting firms, whose team include clinical professionals. Members of our team have had extensive experience in the physician practice and hospital arenas including operating surgery centers while at BMJ Medical Management, formerly an orthopedic focused physician and surgery center company.