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Capital Raise


As a financial firm that is licensed to sell securities, Cedar Ventures is involved in many aspects of a company’s financial needs. In most transactions, Cedar Ventures typically provides Private Equity, Structured Finance or Debt including subordinated debt  and senior, non-recourse debt  financing for companies or projects. Target Minimum is  $3 -$5 million. Cedar has successfully sourced capital for companies in the life science/healthcare, insurance, technology and Medical Facility/Assisted Living sectors.

Project Finance

Cedar Ventures is experienced in raising capital for health care facilities including Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Hospitals, Long term care facilities such as nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Living Facilities. Cedar works with major lenders including high yield bond funds on structuring and financing projects in the health care facility area. Previously completed transactions by the principals of Cedar Ventures are valued at over $2 billion. In medical real estate area, structures may include sale/leasebacks, credit tenant lease financing, tax credit financing and tax exempt bond financing. Cedar also has access to overseas capital for these project financings, particularly in the Far East (China, Korea) and the Middle East  through the EB5 program.

Cedar is currently working on financings for projects in the hotel, multi family housing, Senior Housing, Assisted Living, alternative energy, port and manufacturing sectors. About 70%-80% of total project cost can be financed on a non-recourse, no personal guarantee basis. Terms range from 10-30 years, fixed interest rate. Cedar's experience in start up and early stage investing enhances its ability to get project financings completed. It is sensitive to the due diligence requirements of the bond lender.

M & A

Cedar has a successful track record of assisting companies that wish to sell or buy. Public companies to which we have sold clients include HealthSpring (now owned by Cigna) and Providence Service Corporation [NASDAQ: PRSC]. We have also merged surgery centers and advised them on recapitalization. Other sectors with whom we have worked included payors, hospices and technology companies.


Cedar Ventures has a strategic relationship with a life science venture fund and consulting group that has extensive experience in the technology commercialization process.

Federal Tax Credits


Cedar is licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to arrange for federal tax credits to be used by companies to attract investors. This program is for companies located in low income or rural areas. Such tax credits can provide a low cost equity source of capital for a company.

Regional Focus in the United States


Within the U.S. we tend to focus on the Southeast with representatives in Atlanta and Charleston, South Carolina and Phoenix, AZ. Current and Prior transactions and clients have been in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Referral Fees 

On capital raises, our broker dealer can pay referral fees to licensed securities professionals based upon the following schedule:

If the fee to our broker dealer is > or = to $120,000, then the referral fee is usually 20%; if the fee to our broker dealer is less than $120,000, then the referral fee is usually 10%.