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  Physicians and Surgery Centers

Cedar’s Consulting Practice has a special focus on Physician Practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Our capabilities for ASCs include:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Strategy
  • Business Plans/Financial projections
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Program, offered through one of our consultants, provides a new revenue stream for physicians, a point of care dispensing program of pre-packaged medications.
    • generic and brand medications
    • medical foods
    • OTCs
    • Compounds
    • Supplements
  • In office toxicology testing
  • Medical Billing and Bill Review/Revenue Cycle Management
  • Practice/Facility “Vital Signs”
    • Charge to collection ratio by payer?
    • Cost per patient visit?
    • Payer Mix?
    • A/R days?
    • Comparison to other providers in market?
  • Third party contracting
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Physician syndication and transaction experience:
    • mergers/acquisition
    • sourcing investor partners
    • hospital joint ventures
Cedar Ventures also has a strategic relationship with surgery center consulting firms, whose teams include clinical professionals. Members of our team have had extensive experience in the physician practice and hospital arenas including operating surgery centers while at BMJ Medical Management, formerly an orthopedic focused physician and surgery center company.